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Password Migration


This procedure is to be done for old instances of OpenELIS that are using an outdated method of storing passwords. To check if the old method is used, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to running database
  2. Query login_user table
    1. SELECT * FROM clinlims.login_user;
  3. Check the password column values

If all passwords start with something similar to $2a$12$ then the passwords have been migrated, if not, then this procedure must be completed for OE2 to function.

It is recommended for all users to change their password after this tool is run. This is because the old method of storing passwords was insecure so it is possible that an attacker compromised their old password.

Migrating Passwords

Install Python tools on computer with connection to DB

  1. Run the following commands
    1. sudo apt update
    2. wget
    3. python2
    4. sudo apt install libpq-dev python-dev
    5. python2 -m pip install pycrypto
    6. python2 -m pip install psycopg2
    7. python2 -m pip install bcrypt

Run the Password Migration tool

  1. Download the Password Migration tool and unpack it
    1. wget
    2. tar -xvzf master.tar.gz
  2. Run the tool and follow instructions
    1. python2 Password-Migrator-master/migrator/
    2. Provide DB connection info
  3. Confirm that no errors occurred