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Upgrading OpenELIS 2.x

Special 2.0 to 2.3 Instructions

If you have an OpenELIS Global 2.2 or earlier (but not 1.x) you will need to create a client facing keystore. The easiest way to do this is to simple copy the keystore.

cp /etc/openelis-global/keystore /etc/openelis-global/client_facing_keystore

After this, you can upgrade as normal.


OpenELIS Global uses an "upgrade in place" mechanism that saves all the already entered data, as well as custom tests, system settings, etc.

The default action of the installer is to install/upgrade. If the installer can find an existing version of OpenELIS, it runs the upgrade, if not, it installs.

Download latest installer package Here:

OpenELIS uses a versioning system where for OE version 2.6 for example, 2.6.1.x is the Alpha release, 2.6.2.x is the Beta, and is the first production ready release. If you are using a production system, be sure to use a production tested release which will have a 3 in the third place x.x.3.x

So, to upgrade, one must download the new installer, EG for the RC of OpenELIS 2.3

curl -L -O

Then unpack the file

tar -xvf OpenELIS-Global_2.3.2.5_Installer.tar.gz

and finally, run the isntaller to upgrade

sudo python2