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GSoC 2024


OpenELIS is hoping to be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2024 for the first Time. We're extremely excited about the projects and mentorship opportunities available this year. Coding for OpenELIS is a great way to practice your coding skills and, at the same time help making a positive impact on the world through empowering labs with the best tools and support to deliver quality health care to clients.

If you are new to OpenELIS, we recommend starting with our Installation and Developer Instructions

Page Outline
1 GSoC 2024 Program Administrators
2 Selected Projects for GSoC 2024
3 Program Timeline
4 Guidelines

GSoC 2024 Program Administrators

  1. Mutesasira Moses
  2. Casey Iiams-Hauser
  3. Herbert Yiga

Selected Projects for GSoC 2024

Project Name Project Rating Project Description Required Skills Selected Contributor Mentors
Improve Responsiveness for OpenELIS3 Medium Making OE3 Resposnsive React , Typescript , Javascript TBD Mutesasira Moses
Improve OpenELIS Search Operations Medium Integrate a Search Engine library for OpenELIS Search Java , Spring TBD TBD
Improve Integration Tests Coverage Medium Improve Integration Tests Coverage for the backend Service layer Java , Spring ,J-Unit TBD TBD
Improve E2E Tests Coverage Medium Improve end to end ui Tests Coverage for the new React Frontend react , cypress TBD TBD

Program Timeline

Date Status Activity
GSoC 2024 preparations
Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google
Mentoring organization application deadline
List of accepted mentoring organizations announced
March 19: Potential GSoC contributors discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations
GSoC contributor application period begins
GSoC contributor application deadline
GSoC contributor proposal rankings due from Org Admins
Accepted GSoC contributor projects announced
Community Bonding Period. Students get to know mentors, read documentation, prepare for work on their projects
Coding officially begins
Coding Period for Medium project
Coding Period for Advanced project
Mentors and GSoC contributors can begin submitting midterm evaluations
Midterm evaluation deadline (standard coding period)
Work Period. GSoC contributors work on their project with guidance from Mentors
Final week. GSoC contributors submit their final work product and their final mentor evaluation (coding period)
Mentors submit final GSoC contributor evaluations (standard coding period) for medium size project.
Initial results of Google Summer of Code 2023 announced
GSoC contributors with extended timelines continue coding
Final date for all GSoC contributors to submit their final work product and final evaluation
Final date for mentors to submit evaluations for GSoC contributor projects with extended deadlines


Student's guidelines

Mentor's guidelines

  • GSoC - Guidelines for Mentors


Please Ensure to Follow the Students Guidelines Above