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GSoC ‐ Guidelines for Students

Welcome! Are you interested in working on a Google Summer of Code project with OpenELIS Global? We' want you to be a successful GSoC developer in our community so we've put together a few guidelines to answer some of your initial questions and help you understand what is expected of students before submitting a proposal, after being accepted, and during the coding period. See More on Google's Student Guide


Only Students who meet both Google's Contributor Eligibility Requirements and also follow our Guidelines will be Selected

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Before the Application
Proposal Template
After being accepted
During the coding period
After GSoC

Before the Application

  1. Sign Up at OpenELIS Talk and get an ID
  2. Introduce yourself on OpenELIS Talk on the community introduction page
  3. Become familiar with OpenELIS Global See our Installation and Developer Instructions
  4. Review project ideas & ask questions
  5. Work on Introductory Issues to get Familiar with the Project

Proposal Template

  1. Use this GSOC Template to create your Application and Proposal write up.
  2. Complete all the mandatory Fields for your application to be accepted
  3. Submit your application through Google’s website. See Google's GSOC Get Started page here

After being accepted

  1. Set up a blog for your Project on OpenELIS Talk where you will be posting Updates weekly
  2. Contact your mentor immediately. Make a plan to communicate with them regularly.
  3. Review any Issues related to your project
  4. Prepare a detailed project plan together with your mentor.

During the coding period

  1. Complete a short required "progress report" each week so we can make sure things are on track and there are no problems with your project. Contact organization admins any time if you have concerns about working with your mentor(s).
  2. Write at least one blog post every week to help stay on schedule and to share your work publicly.
  3. Commit early. Commit often. This is an important value in our open source community
  4. Prepare mid-term & final project presentation videos about your project's status, progress, and any questions you have for the community.

After GSoC

  1. Write a final blog post summarizing your overall experience! If you like, talk to the org admins for consideration to cross-post this article to the Google Open Source Blog.
  2. Stay involved with your project or other projects as your schedule permits! There is always plenty of development work needed for OpenELIS volunteers like you.